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Texas was once our home, but ever since I was a child I have been captivated by Pikes Peak and the beauty of the communities and natural parks and forests surrounding it. Now, along with my wife, I can hopefully give my daughter the kind of life I believe she deserves.

I began learning the asphalt and handyman trades working summers for my father when I was in high school, and I took over the ownership of his business after he survived his aneurysm. I spent the next 5 years growing that business, purchasing my own tools and equipment, and my family and I finally decided to live our dream and make a name for ourselves setting the standard for customer service and repeat customers in Woodland Park.

We intend to dedicate all of our customer service time to Woodland Park, not split between Woodland Park AND Colorado Springs. We’re finally able to make this our home, and we want all of our neighbors to be extremely happy!

So, please welcome my wife, my daughter, and myself, to Woodland Park Colorado, where we will hopefully be serving you for generations to come.





Samie (Save-Me), The Best Rescue Dog Ever

Saymee (Save-Me), The Best Rescue Dog Ever





Bubba Zeus

Bubba Zeus


Alexis and Dad

Alexis and Dad


Alexis Butler - Future CEO

Alexis Butler – Future CEO


Another uneventful evening on Kings Crown...

Another uneventful evening on Kings Crown…